• How can I secure a booking?

    We can only confirm a booking once we have received a completed booking form and a deposit (£100) in clear funds from you.

  • How long can I book the booth for?

    The minimum booking time is two hours however, we recommend at least 3 hours as we find three to four hours allows a generous amount of time for your guests to enjoy the booth and, we can assure you they’ll want more than one visit! We will happily provide longer hire times at an additional cost. 

  • How long does it take to set the booth up?

    We always endeavour to arrive at your venue in plenty of time to set up the booth and test the equipment. The booth can be set up in less than 1 hour but may take longer depending on individual circumstances. 

  • What are idle hours?

    For reasons of health, safety and insurance it is not possible for us to leave the booth unattended. Therefore, if it is necessary for us to set the booth up an hour or two before the booth’s start time or, dismantle the booth an hour or two after it’s finish time a small charge will be made for this. Our idle hours charge is currently £25 per hour.

  • Do you provide props as part of the service?

    Yes! We have a variety of props from silly hats and glasses to chalk boards for your own messages. If you are having a themed event, at an additional cost, we may be able to tailor a special prop box for you.

  • Will we have to look after the booth?

    No. At least one booth operator will always be in attendance to set up and run the booth during the hire period. They will also be on hand to help with the (optional) guestbook and keep the queue flowing.

  • What colour is the booth?

    The standard colour of the photo booth is white however, the flexible outer skins of the booth are easily interchangeable and for an extra charge we can apply different skins with a design of your choice.

  • Can the prints be customised?

    Yes, once your booking has been confirmed we will discuss with you the design and message you would like on your prints.

  • Can the software be customised?

    Yes, our design team will gladly work with you to create a truly unique feel. The opening screen and all the buttons can be customised to suit your theme. 

  • Do you have insurance?

    We have £5 million public liability insurance and all of our equipment is PAT tested for electrical safety.

  • How much space will the booth take up?

    The booth measures 2 meters high, 1.3 meters wide and 2.3 meters long. We will also need space for our props table (approximately 1.5 metres). If you are having the guestbook we will also require an additional small space for a table.

  • I don’t have room at my venue for a photo booth, do you have an alternative?

    Don’t worry we also have a photo and video pod available. This includes all the same professional technology but without the rear frame and curtain. This takes up far less space but still enables the same quality photos with the added bonus of friends posing in the background.

  • I am having a marque wedding, can I still hire you?

    We love a marquee wedding. As long as there is an absolutely flat surface big enough to accommodate the booth, away from the elements and access to mains power then we are good to go.

  • Can I get copies of my photos after the event?

    At the end of your hire time you will be given a USB with all the images and videos on for you to enjoy immediately. You will also be able to access digital copies of your photos securely, over the internet, after the event.