Our photo booths are packed full of fantastic features. This is what we can bring to your next corporate event…



We can add any logo, colours, message or design you wish printed onto every photo. Imagine the advertising and marketing potential as the booth users shown off their photos to the world!
The 19” touch screen can also be customised. Send us your artwork and we can add it to the live preview screen so users see your brand details even before they get their hands on your branded prints



The outer panels of the booth surround the solid framework. They are strong and flexible so easily interchangeable. Each can be printed with your choice of colour, artwork or branding. By having white outer panels we are providing a completely blank canvas for you to customise.
If you are working to a budget you can choose to have just one or two panels personalised with the remaining blank. Alternatively you can go all the way and have the whole booth wrapped in you artwork. What better way to get your brand noticed?



A state-of-the-art Canon DSLR camera provides crystal clear images for both Black and White and full Colour photos. This is coupled with a superior dye-sublimation printer ensuring photos are printed in no time at all, fully dry to the touch, and will not fade or lose their quality with age.
High quality video and sound is captured using a full HD web-cam enabling unlimited recording time.




Our in-built green screen uses only the most up-to-date duel action technology. Users can strike a pose in front of a digitally produced background. Just think…you branded image, logo, colour or catchphrase in large scale behind the user and printed on every photo!




In this day and age no successful business can afford to ignore the power of social media. We, therefore, offer the option to upload your images to Facebook. You will also receive a USB memory stick loaded with all the photos and videos taken throughout your event. You are then free to use these as you see fit. They give an ideal opportunity to connect further with users through Facebook, Twitter, email and beyond.



Our booth attendants will set the booth up and stay with it for the duration of your event. They will ensure everything runs smoothly and will help your guests really get into the spirit of things! At the end of the hire time they will dismantle the booth and take it away, so you won’t have to lift a finger.



Our booths can also be operated as a survey pod which is capable of capturing vital, accurate feedback and opinions from consumers and employees. Our booths provide an alternative and interesting environment for participants to share their private views. This is a feature which only very few booth companies can offer. Please contact us for further information.